Nurse’s Notes for November

Nurse’s Notes

Dear Parents / Guardians:
Cold, wet weather is here! Appropriate clothing is needed to keep your child warm and dry. School policy states that all children will go outside at recess unless the chill factor exceeds -10 degrees or it’s raining significantly. Studies have shown that fresh air and exercise increase a child’s ability to learn in the classroom, even for those who have, or are recovering from, a minor illness. Please consider the following guidelines:

1. Water repellent hat, coat and foot gear for damp and wet days.
2. Mittens or gloves
3. Clothing: Several layers of light clothing that fit comfortably without binding and/or snow pants and rain gear.
4. Hat or ear band: Should be worn even if your child’s coat or snowsuit has a hood. Hoods frequently do not stay in place or fit snugly enough around the ears.
5. Foot Gear that will keep the feet dry: Insulated boots or rubber boots with warm socks. Both types should be removed when indoors. Boots worn indoors cause feet to perspire and become damp. Wet feet will become cold feet on the next trip outdoors.
6. A light shoe (i.e. tennis shoes) should remain in the classroom for indoor wear.
7. Stocking feet are not adequate in case of a fire drill.
8. All removable clothing should be labeled with your child’s name.

As a general rule, children who are well enough to attend school benefit from outdoor recess time.
Because we don’t keep spare clothing in the nurse’s office, someone from the school will be calling you for dry clothes if your child needs them. Some families have chosen to send their child with an extra set of pants, socks and underwear to avoid that situation. If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach the nurse at 235-5788.

Laura Peek, RN
West Homer Elementary
Fireweed Academy