New Student

NEW Student
School Entry Health Requirements
Check List

Forms and information I need to bring to School Nurse at school entry:
 Immunization Records (up-to-date)
• Required BEFORE school attendance.

 VactrAK access permission form
• Parental authorization for school nurse to access the State of Alaska immunization data base.

 Health Review Form
• Health history, allergies, medical diagnosis, developmental information and medications your child takes. This information is used by your school nurse and health services to support your student’s healthy attendance and academic success.

 Health Exam by Health Care Provider.
• Entry physicals confirm safe participation by students in normal school activities
• If this is a financial hardship, please contact School Nurse

Welcome to our school!

School Nurse: Laura Peek, RN
Phone: 907-235-5788

School nursing, a specialized practice of nursing, protects and promotes student health, facilitates optimal development, and advances academic success. Our vision is that all students will be healthy, safe, and ready to learn.