Lice Policy

PURPOSE: KPBSD schools recognize that parents/guardians have primary responsibility for the detection and treatment of head lice. KPBSD schools will fulfill their role in the management of head lice infestation by providing support for parents/guardians and students.
The management of head lice in the school setting should not impede the educational process. Registered professional school nurses will decrease the stigma associated with head lice by providing health education to the school community and parents by implementing evidence-based strategies for the management of head lice. These strategies are supported by current treatment recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Centers for Disease Control.
1) Classroom, parent and community education on treatment of lice will be provided by the school nurse as requested.
2) Students that have been identified to host lice and nits will be allowed to remain in the classroom through the end of the school day.
3) Upon returning to school, the child will be checked by the nurse or designee to evaluate treatment success. (Success = no live lice.)
4) If treatment was not successful, the parent will be called to pick-up the child immediately to take the student home and treat.
5) The child’s hair will be checked at 7-10 days after treatment to confirm no live lice.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your school nurse.